Pot Bellied Pig

A different salmon fly.

It's always nice to be able to pull out a different fly, from your flybox! This one is a good bet!


Pot Bellied Pig; I guess, not the most flattering name for a salmon fly? The last couple of years, there has been some hype about this fly, especially in the UK, and its just getting more and more popular. There must be more to the kicking Boar bristles, than meets the eye......


Base material for the Pot Bellied Pig; stiff Wild Boar bristles with split tips!. The bleached on the pic, are great for dying...


This pattern resembles The Red Francis, Krabla and more of the like, and it seems that every Flydresser has his own variations. Here the tying-style is kept in the traditional Shrimp and Grub Style, so well known all back from the 1800's ;) Nothing new here, just a twist on old wine in new bottle... Tie 'em up in your fav' colours! The pattern invites somehow to variations. On the pic; top of this page you see Silver Stoat, GP, Lime and Black, Willie Gunn and Bleached! Tied on Eumer's Crayfish Tubes, wich is an obvious choice for this kind of fly.

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